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► What is an electronic cigarette; how does it work?

An electronic cigarette has two main parts, a rechargeable battery and an atomizer that converts a special liquid into vapour. Electronic cigarette liquids, e-liquids for short, can contain nicotine depending on personal preferences. When you activate an e-cigarette, the device starts to produce vapour which is then inhaled. The feeling is very similar to smoking. Vaping (using ecigarettes) is so effective that millions of people have successfully quit smoking with electronic cigarettes - and quit for good.

No cravings Cravings disappear when you vape with liquid that has nicotine in it, vaping gives you the nicotine your body requires. Not only can you get the nicotine you need, you can get it whenever you want. It doesn't matter when or where the cravings hit, with an electronic cigarette you can manage your nicotine needs and not go back to smoking.

Perfect substitute for holding a cigarette and taking it to your mouth As effective as vaping is in terms of controlling cravings, it's also incredibly useful in counteracting the ingrained habit of holding a cigarette between your fingers and taking it periodically to your lips. This is such a strong habit that many smokers wanting to quit end up smoking again. With an electronic cigarette, this problem disappears.

► What are the main advantages of vaping?

Reduced harm compared to smoking There is an abundance of scientific research that shows electronic cigarettes to be much less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

No more smelling like cigarettes One of the best aspects of vaping is that you don't have to suffer indignities brought on by reeking of cigarettes.

Saves a lot of money You can expect to save anywhere between 50-75% of the money you spend on cigarettes.

Better for the environment Vaping doesn't pollute like cigarettes do; there is no ash, cigarette butts, or packets involved.

Zero risk of cigarette fires An ecigarette does not require a light to work, there is no risk of cigarette fires.

Social benefits The message you give by vaping is that you're trying to quit smoking, and this is appreciated by everyone around you. Electronic cigarettes are also quite stylish, you get noticed more with an ecigarette.

► Is vaping guaranteed to make me quit?

It's impossible to guarantee results but we can say with certainty that vaping will give you the best chance to quit because an electronic cigarette solves two of the biggest problems people come up against while trying to quit. The first problem is the unavoidable nicotine cravings - vaping allows you to get the nicotine you need so you don't have to go back to cigarettes. The second problem is the psychological and physical conditioning that makes you reach for a cigarette - vaping gives you full control over the ingrained habit of holding a cigarette and taking it to your mouth. Vaping has the power to make you quit, and quit for good.

► Why should I shop with VapeTrade?

Before anything else, we are vapers. We understand your needs and have considerable experience in the industry. The combination of these factors result in extremely cheap prices and deeply knowledgeable customer service that makes the difference between an average vaping experience and an exceptional one. Throughout the years we have built a solid supplier base that we source directly from, our direct dealing with manufacturers is the main reason why we are able to pass on massive savings to our customers. We know the challenges that face vapers and ex-smokers, as well as the whole industry. We filter the world of electronic cigarettes and offer you only the best in every category - best products, best prices, best customer service.

► Where are you located; do you offer non-EU shipping?

We are located in Greece and ship direct from our warehouse. Delivery is fast and each order is shipped with a tracking number. Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours after payment is made. We ship worldwide and can stealth-repack your order at no additional cost so it passes customs inspection easier.

► How do you process my payment?

We use PayPal, the fastest and safest online payment method available today. PayPal is convenient as well, you can pay with your credit card without needing a PayPal account. Please contact us for alternatives if you are not able to pay with PayPal; depending on the situation, we can accept different payment methods such as Western Union, etc.

► Can everyone use electronic cigarettes?

From a legal standpoint, the general rule is that if you're old enough to smoke, you're old enough to vape. This might differ from country to country so please check your local rules and regulations for applicable laws. If you are a legal adult and use tobacco products, you would do well to switch to ecigarettes. Vaping is less harmful than smoking and saves quite a bit of money.

E-cigarettes should not be used by minors, diabetics, people with coronary disease or the risk of coronary disease, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with hypertension, people with asthma, or people suffering from depression. If unsure, please consult your physician.

► Does vaping involve smoke?

No, the end product of vaping is vapour. Electronic cigarettes emit vapour that looks like cigarette smoke and dissipates in seconds. Since vaping involves only vapour, using an electronic cigarette eliminates the risks that derive from cigarette smoke. Most importantly, vaping does not involve tar or carbon monoxide, the two main chemicals that cause cancer. Not only that, vaping is much better in comparison because vapour does not contain the thousands of chemicals typically found in cigarette smoke such as radioactive isotopes, etc.

► What is electronic cigarette liquid?

Electronic cigarette liquid (also known as liquid, ejuice, eliquid) is a specially made fluid that's used when vaping. The liquid is atomised into vapour and inhaled. There are many different kinds of liquids; the main characteristics of liquids are taste/flavour, throat kick, and nicotine (it is possible to choose liquids with or without nicotine).

The three main ingredients in liquids are:

Flavouring Different aroma extracts are used to give taste to liquids, as pure nicotine base does not have any taste. By adding flavouring to the nicotine base, the resulting vapour is made to resemble cigarette smoke.

Diluents Serves two purposes. First, diluents are used to manage the overall strength of nicotine and flavouring in a liquid. Second, diluents are the chemical transports that carry nicotine and flavours in vapour. The two most commonly known diluents are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

Nicotine The stimulant in cigarette smoke. The method of nicotine delivery in smoking is based on combustion (burning), whereas in vaping nicotine is delivered through atomization.

► What should I know about PG and VG?

PG is the abbreviation for propylene glycol. It is one of the two diluents used in making eliquids and has no taste or smell. E-liquids with high levels of PG are felt stronger on the throat. VG stands for vegetable glycerin. Higher VG levels translate into a sweeter and denser vapour.

Both PG and VG are considered generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

► What does 'throat hit' mean?

The terms throat hit and throat kick are interchangeable, they both describe how vapour feels on the throat. The throat kick differs from liquid to liquid, it is an extremely important part of vaping. The overall quality of the throat kick is determined by PG/VG levels, nicotine amounts, and the general quality of the liquid. Hardware also plays a role, but not as much.

► Which nicotine level should I choose?

This can only be answered by you; we suggest trying different strengths to see which nicotine level suits you best. As with everything in life, exercise common sense when choosing a liquid. If you smoke a brand with high nicotine levels, it could be a good idea to begin with a liquid that has nicotine in it. Also think about how many cigarettes you smoke and try different nicotine strengths until you find a level you're comfortable with.

► What's the best way to store liquids?

It's best to store liquids in a cool and dry place not exposed to sunlight.

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