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KIT - delirium 69 Classic (Single Kit)

Not many can compete with the delirium 69 eVod BCC with its high quality, low price, and overall brilliance. You could be just beginning to vape or a seasoned vaper but the delirium 69 is perfect for all experience levels due to the fact that it's simple to operate, delivers volumes of thick vapour, and is one of the most attractive vaporizers available. In all honesty, the delirium 69 isn't just an electronic cigarette that delivers sensational vapour performance, it's a veritable fashion statement that's guaranteed to get you noticed.

The delirium 69 is equipped with industry-leading bottom coil clearomizer (BCC) technology that keeps the wick wet and delivers vapour at cool and stable temperatures. All parts of this breath-taking ecigarette are made from highest quality materials that result in impeccable flavour transmission and an extremely clean throat hit. As with any self-respecting electronic cigarette, the delirium 69 sports changeable atomizer heads that are easy to replace once they start dropping in performance. You just unscrew it and replace it with a new head and that's it - you have yourself a brand new atomizer. The 1.6ml transparent clearomizer means you can vape more and fill less, not to mention you can always keep an eye on how much liquid remains in the chamber. And that's not all; the 650mAh passthrough battery lasts quite long before needing a recharge and the beauty of passthrough technology means you can vape with it while it's being charged - simple, effective, and very practical. If you want an iconic electronic cigarette that constantly delivers high performance, you should definitely try the delirium 69.

The package contains:

1 × delirium 69 650mAh Battery with Passthrough (you can vape while the battery is being charged)

1 × Complete delirium 69 eVod BCC Clearomizer

1 × Spare Atomizer Head

1 × USB Cable Charger (no adapter necessary, charge directly from any USB port)

1 × User Manual

Product Advantages:

Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC) technology

Keeps the wick wet and delivers cool vapor at low and stable temperatures.

Phenomenal flavour transmission

Vapour tastes like it's supposed to taste - no flavour loss during liquid to vapour transformation.

Changeable atomizer system

Change only the head, not the whole atomizer - easy to use and budget-friendly.

Passthrough battery

Allows you to vape while the battery is being charged.

1.6ml liquid capacity

Vape more, fill less.

Attractive and durable design

Specifically engineered for long usage with high quality materials; attraction-getter.

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Product Extra Info:

→ Electronic cigarettes need e-liquids to work; if you don't already have liquids, or would like to browse through our extensive range, please click here to view our exceptionally smooth tobacco blends or here for our delicious fruity and exotic blends.

→ It's always a good idea to stock up on consumable ecigarette parts such as atomizers. Please click here for 1.8 ohm atomizers and here for 2.0 ohm atomizers for the delirium 69.

→ If you don't always have access to a USB port to charge your battery, we suggest you consider a 220V wall-to-USB adapter that will allow you to charge through a wall socket. Wall-to-USB adapters are EU compatible (UK and other countries might/will need an additional adapter). Please click here.


Ioannis Papazoglou
I have been vapeing near 3 years and I quit smoking with electronic cigarette. I buy this ecig now (delirium 69) because I hear BCC atomizer produce very good vapour...we will see
Martina Scagletti
You really need a system to show prices in American dollars too. Not everyone is from Europe.