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ATOMIZER - Eleaf Lemo 2 Sub Ohm RTA Clearomizer
ATOMIZER - Eleaf Lemo 2 Sub Ohm RTA Clearomizer
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€ 33.95

ATOMIZER - Eleaf Lemo 2 Sub Ohm RTA Clearomizer

The Lemo 2 is the much advanced, much improved version of the world famous Lemo series by eLeaf. A true RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer), the Lemo 2 has features and technology that are the envy of other clearomizers. It might look like a Kayfun clone, but it's not - the Lemo 2 has taken things to completely new levels that are not only innovative, but completely mind-blowing. No leaks, no dry hits, a phenomenal flavor transmission and mammoth clouds. A magnificent all-rounder that delivers everything required from a premium RTA tank!

At A Glance

• Side filling port for super easy refills
• A superb adjustable air flow system
• PEEK polymer insulating material
• Wide bore drip tip (10mm at widest point)
• Super solid glass and steel construction
• Temperature control nickel 200 wire (TC-Ni200)
• Much improved build deck giving more options

The Lemo 2 was designed from scratch especially for the sub ohm crowd. As such, it bears little resemblance to the original Lemo atomizer. The original Lemo was a cult product that hooked vapers with the excellent flavour it produced. It must be said the Lemo 2 is a completely different clearomizer and has revolutionized RTA technology with an incredibly easy to build deck, side filling capability, and advanced materials technology like PEEK. As awesome as the Lemo 2 is in every department, we have to mention how good it looks too. It's an accepted fact the original Lemo was, well, ugly. It was a flavor machine and nothing else. The Lemo 2 rectifies this very nicely. Not only does it look amazing with an iStick, it compliments other mods beautifully with a 22mm diameter. The Lemo 2 is visually compatible with the majority of batteries out there. The 510 drip tip is huge and measures 10mm at its widest point. Being changeable, you can swap it with other tips to suit your esthetic needs. The Lemo 2 even features temperature control nickel 200 wire (TC-Ni200) that makes it fully compatible with temperature control batteries.

Length: 76.2mm
Diameter: 22mm
Capacity: 3.8ml
Resistance: 0.5Ω pre-made coil (organic cotton)
Threading: 510


The Lemo 2 features two cyclops-type airflow slots on the side of the tank. The slots arefully redesigned and huge compared to the original Lemo; it’s a massive improvement that has won everyone over. You can take mouth hits by shutting off most of the airflow or enjoy lung hits by opening the slots completely and blow competition grade clouds that are super dense, super delicious, super impressive! Another noteworthy thing about the Lemo 2 design is that the airflow controller ring (AFC) stays put at the setting you choose without moving around accidentally.

Side Filling

eLeaf has outdone itself with the filling mechanism on the Lemo 2. It is filled from a refill port that is located on the side of the tank. This innovation is sure to make conventional top/bottom refill methods obsolete soon, and rest assured, there are no leaks whatsoever when refilling! That in itself is a huge accomplishment, it is a justifiably revolutionary system. It takes literally seconds to fill! All you have to do is shut the AFC ring, slide open the refill port and fill up the tank (it's always a good idea to leave a small pocket of air in the tank). Once done, just close the refill port and slide the AFC back to your preferred air flow setting. No need to look around for a screwdriver, no need to unscrew the base - simple, practical, and very effective!

Build Deck (RTA)

If you've built with the original Lemo, you will be familiar with the Lemo 2 in general. The Lemo 2 retains the single coil concept, but you now have lots room to place your build. You can build by trapping the coil under the heads of the post screws or, if you wish, use the original Lemo format and thread the coil/wire through the 2mm post holes and beneath the screws. The Lemo 2 has large post holes that allow you to build with thick gauge wire. The main addition to the build deck is the insulator made from PEEK polymer. PEEK allows you to build as low as 0.3Ω without worrying about whether the insulator will melt. Not only that, PEEK has the additional advantage of keeping the vapor at cool temperatures. The chimney has also been bettered; compared to the original Lemo, it is now a bit wider and is able to accommodate bigger builds. Like we said earlier, you can fit some seriously thick coils in there! The liquid channels are, simply, massive. As such, the Lemo 2 vapes perfectly with even high-VG juice. Sounds hard to believe but there isn't even a hint of a dry hit, even when vaping for long periods.

The package contains:

1 × Mouthpiece

1 × Top Cap

1 × Glass Tube

1 × Atomizer Cover

1 × Atomizer Tube

1 × Coil Stand

1 × Atomizer Base

1 × 0.5Ω Pre-made Head

2 × Screw (Small)

2 × Seal Gasket (Large)

3 × Silicon Rub Ring (Small)

1 × 0.5mm Kanthal Wire

2 × Organic Cotton

1 × Screwdriver

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