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BATTERY - Aspire CF Maxx 3000mAh VW ( Black )
BATTERY - Aspire CF Maxx 3000mAh VW ( Black )
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€ 54.95

BATTERY - Aspire CF Maxx 3000mAh VW ( Black )

Aspire is always on the cutting edge of vaping technology; they have truly outdone themselves with the CF Maxx! The CF Maxx is an extremely reliable and stable variable wattage battery specially designed for sub ohm vaping with a finely crafted structural design and circuit board. The CF Maxx sports stainless steel endpoints and power button in addition to a super sleek carbon fiber coated tube that will make it a fantastic addition to your hardware collection!

Capacity: 3000mAh
Voltage Output: 4.2V
Wattage Range: 5W - 50W
Supported Resistance: 0.3Ω - 5Ω
Diameter: 30mm
Threading: 510

The CF Maxx is a variable wattage battery that is specially designed to automate voltage levels for sub ohm vaping. Variable wattage is the best way to achieve a consistent and accurate vape. You don't need to switch between voltage levels or calculate resistance. No matter what resistance your atomizer has, the CF Maxx will automatically adjust the voltage to deliver your selected wattage. To select wattage, you just turn the rotary dial on the bottom. The CF Maxx can be used with any top class clearomizer, but it was designed especially for the Atlantis Mega sub ohm clearomizer in terms of electronics and esthetics. The Atlantis Mega is a 0.3Ω sub ohm tank with a diameter of 30mm, so the CF Maxx is a perfect match in every possible way.

• Spring-loaded atomizer contact point (ensures proper connection with the atomizer)
• Safety vent holes (delivers air flow to the battery to keep it cool)
• Overcharge protection (power is cut if charged beyond 4.2V)
• Short circuit protection (protects against short circuits while vaping or charging)
• Safety cutoff (output is cut off if power button is pressed for more than 10 seconds)
• Low voltage protection (atomizer deactivates if battery voltage drops under 3.3V)
• Overheating warning (LED flashes 10 times if device temperature rises beyond 75°C)

To turn the CF Maxx on/off, you just press the button 5 times in 2 seconds. When you do, blue and orange LED lights will flash 3 times. When the battery is ready to fire, the power button will glow blue. The LED lights on the CF Maxx also work as voltage indicators. Blue means the operating voltage is between 3.6V - 4.2V. Orange means the voltage is less than 3.5V.

Important: The CF Maxx does not come with a charger.

The package contains:

1 × Aspire CF Maxx 50W 3000mAh Battery (Black)

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Product Extra Info:

→ If you want to get the very best out of the CF Maxx in terms of electronics and esthetics, you should seriously consider investing into an Atlantis Mega.

→ You will also need a suitable charger; please click here for the original Aspire 1000mAh charging cable.

→ Electronic cigarettes need e-liquids to work; if you don't already have liquids, or would like to browse through our extensive range, please click here to view our exceptionally smooth tobacco blends or here for our delicious fruity and exotic blends.


Shaun Trebadier
I got my first ecig from you and have been a customer for over a year now. I just bought the CF Maxxx 3000mah, hopefully it'll turn out as good as vapers say it is because I don't like box mods all that much and the CF MAXX is a lifesaver for me with that huge capacity battery , cheers.
Juergen Krabielski
I love my CF Maxx , it is my to go battery simply because I don't like box mods and a tube shaped 3000mA battery was hard to find. Aspire know how to make electronic cigarettes, this is sure.