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KIT - Swig LX 18650 Variable Voltage MOD
KIT - Swig LX 18650 Variable Voltage MOD
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KIT - Swig LX 18650 Variable Voltage MOD

The immensely popular Swig LX is made from aluminum alloy, a fact that makes it lightweight and resistant to rust and corrosion. Stellar vapour performance, stylish design, simple interface - the whole concept is based around ease of use; fittingly, the Swig LX uses the simplest method to adjusting voltage . All you do is turn the infinite dial on the top of the battery - clockwise to increase voltage, anti-clockwise to decrease. This means you can adjust the amount of vapor you want and never have to worry about how different atomizers will perform - you get exactly what you want, how you want it! By having the freedom to adjust voltage, you can also customize your ecig for the perfect throat hit. Variable voltage is one of the best ways to vape and there is none better than the Swig LX in terms of vapor performance and value.

We suggest the delirium Protank to get the very best out of the Swig LX.


Working Voltage: 3.3V to 5.0V, with 0.1V increments (can also check resistance levels)
Threading: 510/eGo
LED Display: Shows puff information, operating voltage, and resistance levels
Capacity: Depends on 18650 battery used
Charging Method: Charges with a eGo/510 USB charger or an external 18650 charger.
Button Function: 3 clicks to activate/deactivate; then click-and-hold to vape

Swig LX Operation Guide

1. Click the button rapidly 3 times to activate the battery.
2. Screw your preferred atomizer on top - the button will flash green, yellow, and red. Atomizer resistance will show on the screen.
3. Rotate the voltage control spinner clockwise or anti-clockwise and set the device to your preferred voltage.
4. At this point, the LED display turns off. Now you can press the button and start vaping.
5. Puff amounts are displayed after you stop vaping and turn the spinner again.
6. Click the button rapidly 3 times to turn off your device.
7. The button is color-coded to show power levels:

→ Green: Battery is more than 70% full.
→ Yellow: Battery has between 30% - 70% power remaining.
→ Red: Battery has less than 30% power remaining and should be charged up.

The package contains:

1 × Swig LX 18650 Variable Voltage Battery

Product Advantages:

Powerful and versatile battery with variable voltage capability

Works with an 18650 battery; can vape between 3.3V - 4.8V; also shows resistance levels.

Customize according to your preferences

Infinite bezel ring to adjust voltage; 510/eGo threading; ability to adjust for different vapor amounts and throat hit strengths.

Visually appealing retro style

Old school look gets you noticed wherever you go; great ice-breaker.

Product Videos:

Product Extra Info:

→ You will need an 18650 battery for the Swig LX to work. Please click here for suitable batteries. For 18650 battery chargers, please click here.

→ If you want to get the very best out of the Swig LX, you should consider investing into a delirium Protank.

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