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KIT - Minimal (includes rechargeable/portable PCC case)
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€ 16.95

KIT - Minimal (includes rechargeable/portable PCC case)

The Minimal is the classic slim electronic cigarette that's widely recognized as the choice of many vapers. The Minimal is extremely user-friendly and fits pretty much everywhere; not to mention you can take it wherever you want. The dimensions of the Minimal have been kept minimal as well; the size and looks of the device is similar to a normal cigarette. If you're looking for a practical vape pen or a beginner kit, you really need to try the Minimal. This device is also suitable for infrequent vapers. If you don't take too many puffs during the day and vape just to get a nicotine fix, the 280mAh battery and 1.2ml cartomizer will take you through the day quite comfortably - possibly without needing to refill or recharge. Class, performance, and mobility; if you want an electronic cigarette that's stylish, easy to use, and delivers clouds of juicy vapour, the Minimal is definitely it - and it's budget-friendly.

The Minimal features a very powerful rechargeable 280mAh battery that allows you to vape for around 3 hours before recharging. The compact design of the portable charging case (PCC) is an extremely convenient feature - you just place your battery into it and take it with you while the battery is being charged. The PCC charges up your battery fast, which is great, but it also serves as a carrying case for spare cartomizers, so it's even better. The atomiser on the Minimal is the kind of atomizer known as a "cartomizer". A cartomizer is an apparatus where the liquid chamber and atomizer are combined in one unit; they are famous for the quality and amount of vapour they produce. Not only does the Minimal deliver massive amounts of top quality vapor, it's an outstanding vapour pen in terms of flavour transmission. Refilling the cartomizer is exceptionally easy as well.

The Minimal - it has everything you need in one compact case.

The package contains:

1 × Complete Electronic Cigarette (Battery + Cartomizer)

1 × Personal Charging Case (PCC)

1 × Extra Cartomizer (1.2ml)

1 × USB Charging Cable (no adapter necessary, you can charge directly through a USB port)

Product Advantages:


The dimensions of the Minimal allow you to take it anywhere you want. The included portable charging case (PCC) fits and goes anywhere.

Looks like a real cigarette

Perfect for those that don't like bulky e-cigarettes.

Long battery time

A full battery goes for around 3 hours.

Clear flavour transmission

Top level taste transmission from liquid to vapor.

Cartomizer technology

The combined atomizer and liquid chamber also serves as a mouthpiece - huge vapour, maximum user-friendliness.

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Product Extra Info:

→ Electronic cigarettes need e-liquids to work; if you don't already have liquids, or would like to browse through our extensive range, please click here to view our exceptionally smooth tobacco blends or here for our delicious fruity and exotic blends.

→ It's always a good idea to stock up on consumable ecigarette parts such as cartomizers. Please click here for Minimal cartomizers.

→ If you don't always have access to a USB port to charge your battery, we suggest you consider a 220V wall-to-USB adapter that will allow you to charge through a wall socket. Wall-to-USB adapters are EU compatible (UK and other countries might/will need an additional adapter). Please click here.


Omar Al Saif
I have 3 apv s already but the best e cigarette I ever got is this one
Massimo Pligheri
Very practic electronic cigarette. It is good I can bring it anywhere I want and the vapour is big. I like these cartomizers a lot.
Fergus McDay
Got my vape mail this morning and was happy to see I got the same product shown in the picture. The PCC is really good in size, I've stuck in everywhere and it fits great. I needed a slim ecig and I think this Minimal is going to do the job. Been vaping it since it got here and I must say I wasn't expecting such a good vape from such a small ecig.
Najmuddin Utara
We at Malaysia have expensive vapour supplies but you are very good and cheap and quality is good. I buy my electronic cigarette from here and I am very happy. Thank you.