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ATOMIZER - Delirium PROTANK 2 Mini BCC Clearomizer
ATOMIZER - Delirium PROTANK 2 Mini BCC Clearomizer
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€ 4.95

ATOMIZER - Delirium PROTANK 2 Mini BCC Clearomizer

The delirium Protank 2 Mini is the upgraded version of the first delirium Protank series. With great looks to match great performance, the Protank Mini 2 features a stronger base connection and is made entirely without glue - all parts are replaceable! The clearomizer tank can take up to 1.5ml of juice, and is made of extremely durable pyrex glass. The delirium Protank 2 Mini body is made of chrome-plated brass, making it much more durable and resistant. Being a very practical device, the Protank Mini 2 also features a replaceable drip tip. It can be used with batteries that have a 510/eGo connection. We should also mention the sleeve creates a streamlined look between the battery and clearomizer.

The Mini Protank 2 features a bottom coil (BCC) heating system that makes a noticeable difference in the quality of the vape. You are guaranteed to get huge clouds of delicious vapor with every puff. The amount of vapor to one side, when it comes to flavor transmission, the delirium Protank Mini 2 is in a class of its own. There is literally zero loss in flavor as it is transformed from liquid into vapor. Even the throat kick is brilliant, you can feel the vapor hit your throat like it's supposed to. The 1.5ml transparent clearomizer houses a changeable atomizer head that lets you replace it when it starts dropping in performance. The see-through clearomizer is also very practical in monitoring how much eliquid remains in the chamber, ensuring you never run out of e-liquid. Refilling is another strong point of the Protank Mini 2; you just unscrew the clearomizer, turn it upside down and fill it up. No hassles, no leaks!

The package contains:

1 × Delirium Protank Mini 2 Complete Kit

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Gianfranco Grotto
I always keep spare atomizer because I like change things around when I vape my ecigs. I buy the protank mini 2 to have more options for my ecig batteries.
Cesar Ilipides
I have quit smoking after 14 years. It is unbelivable for me because I never think electronic cigarettes would help me. Every smoker should quit with electronic cigarette !!
Maya Lee Chunman
I just moved from plastic cartridges to metal clearomizers. It's good to find cheap starter clearomizers. I have the Pro Tank 2 Mini and it vapes great. Next step is variable voltage batteries, I've been saving up for a while to buy something good.