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KIT - GEAR Variable Voltage 700mA 3.3V - 5V Battery
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€ 29.90

KIT - GEAR Variable Voltage 700mA 3.3V - 5V Battery

It's always the same, you look at pictures before you read text, and looking at the GEAR VV makes you feel really good. It's looks like a stylized torch with beautiful contours that fits perfectly in your palm, but he best thing anyone can say about a product is nothing at all because the product should speak for itself. The GEAR VV is such an electronic cigarette - it just feels right from the first moment you hold it. With a luxurious aluminum alloy body and precision engineering to match, it constantly gives more than you expect. You can easily switch between 3.3V - 5V to fully personalize the vape to meet your needs. Variable voltage has become pretty much the standard in vaping - even in starter kits - and it's a very beneficial feature to have. By adjusting the voltage level you not only get to control the amount of vapor, but also the strength of the throat hit.

The GEAR VV battery is turned on and off by quickly clicking the button 3 times. Charging is also super simple - you can remove the inner batteries and charge with an external charger or keep the batteries in and charge with a classic eGo charger cable. As one would expect, the device is eGo/510 compatible and gives you complete freedom to use with various atomizers. With so many useful features and options, the GEAR VV is perfect for all occasions, for yourself or as a gift.

The package contains:

1 × GEAR VV 700mA 3.3V - 5V / Variable Voltage Battery

Product Advantages:

Powerful MOD battery with variable voltage

700mAh with 3.3V - 5V variable voltage levels.

Convenient and compatible

Easily adjust voltage; eGo/510 threading; works with virtually all atomizers.

Brilliant esthetics

Attraction-magnet - gets you noticed wherever you go.

Product Extra Info:

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Rainmaker Ron
been using apvs since i started out and I just bought the gear kit..very impresive and good price too