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ATOMIZER - Joyetech Delta II LVC Sub Ohm Clearomizer
ATOMIZER - Joyetech Delta II LVC Sub Ohm Clearomizer
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€ 26.95

ATOMIZER - Joyetech Delta II LVC Sub Ohm Clearomizer

Here is the long-awaited sequel to the hugely successful and massively popular Delta from one of the undisputed leaders of the vape scene! In a nutshell, the sub ohm Delta II is about customizing liquid flow, an honestly revolutionary technology that will change how you look at a clearomizer. The high performance Delta II features a brand new and extremely user-friendly liquid valve controller (LVC) on the changeable sub ohm coil to choose how much eliquid goes into the coils. Made from stainless steel, the Delta II supports batteries between 20W - 50W and is able to accommodate a changeable RBA/RDA head.

Height: 70.5mm (approx. 2 3/4 inches, incl. mouthpiece)
Diameter: 22mm (approx. 7/8 inches)
Capacity: 3.5ml

Liquid Valve Control (LVC)

The Delta II lets you adjust the liquid flow and there are very valid reasons why you want that. But first, a little about the LVC mechanism: The adjustment ring for controlling liquid flow is located on the bottom on the LVC coil head. What you do is turn the ring clockwise or counter-clockwise to determine how much juice flows over the coil, similar to the way you adjust air flow. The ejuice controller has three slots placed around the coil head. The logic is, again, like adjusting air flow - if the slot is open more, you are going to get increased liquid flow, and vice versa. We should mention that controlling juice flow is only possible using Delta II's LVC heads. That's the mechanism, but what about the reasons why you'd want this feature? In a word, for the best possible vaping experience. Consider how much adjustable air flow technology bettered vaping overall. The same applies to the adjustable liquid flow system - you can customize the vape depending on your personal preferences. For instance, if you prefer lung inhaling (i.e. lung hit), you can open the LVC and allow more juice to flow onto the coils. Likewise, if you prefer mouth inhaling (i.e. mouth hit), you'd not have the LVC open too much because a mouth hit is always weaker and shorter when compared to a lung hit. Being able to change the amount of liquid that flow onto your coils means, basically, no dry hits - ever!

As important and ground-breaking as LVC technology is, the Delta II is also very noteworthy for its beautifully designed, super smooth air flow adjustment system. The two air holes on the atomizer base work together for an absolutely amazing end result. To adjust the amount of air flowing through the system, you turn the air flow ring clockwise or counter-clockwise; less air means a tighter draw, more air means a looser draw. If you prefer mouth hits, the tight puff is preferable. For vapers that enjoy lung hits, it's better to let more air run through the system because that way, you are able to get more vapor into your lungs.

The RBA/RDA Angle

The Joyetech Delta II supports an RBA/RDA system, where RBA is "Rebuildable Atomizer" and RDA is "Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer". These heads are different from the pre-built LVC heads that allow for controlling liquid flow. If you decide to use the RBA/RDA component instead of the LVC heads, you will be pleasantly surprised because it's very easy to use. The Delta II features an easy-access deck that's equipped with a superbly machined wall and chimney. It's a single coil system with a pre-installed coil which makes it a plug-and-play feature. The RBA heads, being rebuildable, also allow you to drip and vape after you remove the casing. As an RDA, the Delta II is utterly phenomenal and delivers a truly excellent vape! Please note RBA/RDA heads are optional and not included with the Delta II kit.

Pro tips: When you're taking mouth hits with the Delta II, we advise you don't keep the LVC slots open because you would be flooding the coils but not vaporizing it at the same rate (as you would be if you were taking lung hits). This, naturally, could cause leakage. We should also mention the Delta II coil heads will not work right with low wattage batteries. For best results, we would suggest vaping the Delta II with batteries that can put out at least 20W, preferably more.

The package contains:

1 × Delta II Clearomizer Tube

1 × Delta II Atomizer Base

2 × Delta II 0.5Ω LVC Atomizer Heads

1 × Delta II Mouthpiece (Wide Bore)

Product Advantages:

Sub ohm vapor production, superbly accurate flavor transmission

Massive clouds of vapour with an unbelievably accurate taste coming from sub ohm coils.

Liquid Valve Control (LVC) technology

LVC technology lets you choose how much liquid flows onto the coils, thus allowing you customize your vape to exact levels for lung and mouth hits.

Adjustable airflow system

You are able to choose how much air flows through the system to further personalize the vape according to your inhalation strength.

Versatile; RBA/RDA capable

Can be used as an RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) or an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) with optional RBA/RDA heads.

100% stainless steel

Every part of the Delta II is made from stainless steel - 100% quality.

Huge tank, easy to fill

3.5ml liquid chamber; extremely easy to refill.

Easy-to-change mouthpiece

Sports a changeable mouthpiece specially machined with a wide bore hole.

Awesome visual appeal

Looks absolutely brilliant with vertical windows and stylized typography.

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Product Extra Info:

→ We recommend the Joyetech eVic Supreme to get the best performance from the Delta II.

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