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BATTERY - LRider Phoenix 1600mAh VV 15W ( Black )
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BATTERY - LRider Phoenix 1600mAh VV 15W ( Black )

From LRider comes a not-so-typical eGo battery that can be viewed as a much improved Spinner 2 battery! The LRider Phoenix is a 1600mAh battery with variable voltage capability that turns out a very impressive 15 watts. The Phoenix is also noteworthy for its great looks; the casing is finished with carbon fiber and is an absolute pleasure to look at!

The Phoenix offers voltages between 3.2V and 5.4V - very impressive for an eGo battery. Higher voltage equals more vapour produced per second and lower voltage is the opposite with less vapour output per second. This is a truly awesome feature because if you prefer vaping with short puffs, you can increase the voltage and get loads of vapour even though you pull on it for a short time (this is not so with classic batteries). Likewise, if you prefer vaping with longer puffs you can reduce voltage levels and get the exact amount of vapour you want without getting an overload of vapour. Variable voltage not only allows you to adjust the amount of vapour, but also the strength of the throat hit. As you increase the voltage level, the throat hit becomes stronger so you have absolute freedom in choosing how hard a throat hit you want. You'll experiment and find the best voltage level that fits your needs but one thing is certain - no more frustration due to inadequate vapour volume or strength. Setting the voltage level is very easy as well; you just rotate the dial on the bottom of the battery and align the indicator with your preferred voltage; nothing more needs to be done.

Another aspect of the LRider Phoenix that makes it better is that the universal 510/eGo thread is engineered with a spring-loaded pin, a feature that has fast become a global vaping standard. You don't have to worry about your atomizer not connecting with the battery anymore. Whichever clearomizer you use, you can rest assured it will always connect with the battery pole. The LRider Phoenix also features passthrough technology that allows you to vape while it's being charged. Everything considered, the LRider Phoenix is a truly exceptional eGo battery!

The package contains:

1 × LRider Phoenix 1600mAh/15W Variable Voltage Battery (Black)

1 × Micro USB Charger Cable

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