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ATOMIZER - Eleaf Melo Sub Ohm Glassomizer
ATOMIZER - Eleaf Melo Sub Ohm Glassomizer
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€ 19.50

ATOMIZER - Eleaf Melo Sub Ohm Glassomizer

The first glassomizer from Eleaf to feature sub ohm coils, the Melo is a super stylish masterpiece that combines quality, performance, and a very affordable price tag. The Melo is perfect if you don't want to rebuild anything and are looking for an atomizer bigger than the Aspire Atlantis but smaller than the Kanger Subtank. We suggest the Melo if you've never used a sub ohm tank but want to try one without spending too much!

Technical Specifications

Diameter: 22.3mm
Height: 67.3mm (incl. mouthpiece)
Capacity: 3.5ml
Recommended Wattage: 20W - 30W
Resistance: 0.5Ω
Threading: 510

Melo heads are equipped with vertical coils (BVC), a system that is fast becoming the standard coil configuration in atomizer heads. The 0.5Ω Melo head sports a thick, 0.4mm coil that optimizes vapor and wicking potential and guarantees durability between 20W - 30W. Each head is manufactured with certified organic cotton, and as we all know, organic cotton delivers a much purer taste and is much healthier than silica wicks. You will be amazed by the quality of the vapor in terms of both amount and flavor transmission! The Melo also features five air inlet holes that are very easy to access and adjust. The end result is an absolutely superb air flow that allows you to enjoy a super smooth mouth hit or a wide open one-hit straight to the lungs. Manufactured out of stainless steel, the Melo is also fitted with an extremely attractive mouthpiece. The changeable drip tip mouthpiece is made of glass and completes the overall look and feel of this brilliant glassomizer.

Key Features

Optimal Vapor Performance: The enhanced structure of the 0.5Ω BVC head produces massive vapor due to the coil that is 0.4mm thick. Vertical coil placement and sub ohm technology makes vapor and flavor production much better.

Double Threaded Heads: The threading on the top and bottom of the heads allow you to tighten the base and tube with no gaps, a fact that ensures extremely efficient and stable vapor output.

Head Compatibility: Melo heads can be used with the Aspire Atlantis. Likewise, Atlantis heads can be used with the Melo tank.

Air Inflow Control: The Melo lets you enjoy smooth and constant vapor with a total of five air inlet holes on the base that are easily managed by rotating the regulator ring.

Top Quality Materials & Workmanship: Stainless steel body and a pyrex glass chamber that is specially designed for functionality, visual appeal, and a great grip. The Melo also features a glass drip tip and organic cotton wicks as a healthier alternative to silica wicks.

Low Price: The best value in sub ohm glassomizers because build quality or vapor performance is not sacrificed to make it affordable.

The package contains:

1 × Melo Atomizer Tube

1 × Melo Atomizer Base

1 × Melo Drip Tip Mouthpiece

2 × 0.5Ω Melo BVC Head

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Product Extra Info:

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0.5Ω Melo atomizer heads

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Keyshaun Brick
I like the prices a lot....reminded me of a time when vaping was cheaper than smoking because I refuse to pay 15-20 quid for a 30ml bottle of eliquid. Keep up the good work.
Yves S. Mendier
eLeaf is very a smart ecig maker, this is sure. I bought the eLeaf Melo because it cheap and compatible by Atlantis and I see it was good decision because it is great vaping and I change coils with Atlantis. It is true the vapor is very large and taste perfect.