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KIT - Pioneer4You IPV Mini 2 Sub Ohm 70W ( Black )
KIT - Pioneer4You IPV Mini 2 Sub Ohm 70W ( Black )
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€ 59.95

KIT - Pioneer4You IPV Mini 2 Sub Ohm 70W ( Black )

The IPV series really needs no introduction, it is a top selling series of box mods manufactured by Pioneer4You (Green Leaf). As with all IPV series box mods, the IPV Mini 2 has become hugely popular with vapers due to quality, reliability, and raw high power. Razor sharp technology, exceptional esthetics, perfect size - the IPV Mini 2 is an awesome little pocket rocket that delivers on every promise and has a very good chance of becoming your mod of choice right after you unbox it!

Features & Specs

Capacity: Uses one 18650 battery
Voltage Output: 3.6V - 8.5V
Wattage Range: 5W - 70W
Supported Resistance: 0.2Ω - 3Ω
Dimensions: 94mm x 40mm x 23mm
Threading: Spring-loaded 510

As can be seen from the above specifications, there are quite a few differences over the original IPV Mini. The upgrade to the SX330V2C chip has made the IPV Mini 2 the definition of change. Output voltage is now 3.6V - 8.5V and output wattage a brilliant 5W - 70W. Voltage output automatically adjusts to compensate for changes in wattage output. Considering the size of the IPV Mini 2, the 70W maximum power output is absolutely amazing! Another fantastic improvement is the sub ohm level. The original IPV Mini would not fire below 0.5Ω; the IPV Mini 2 can fire all the way down to an incredible 0.2Ω! It's also worth mentioning that the system boots up very quickly, the menu navigation system is easy to use, and you can store 5 presets for your preferred wattages.

Protection & Safety

• Low voltage protection
• Low resistance protection
• Temperature monitoring
• 10 seconds cut-off time
• High input voltage warning
• Short circuit (output) protection
• Reverse battery protection
• Heat dissipation holes

The spring-loaded 510 connector means you can use any clearomizer with the IPV Mini 2 and it will fit flush without needing to adjust manually. The whole device is solidly built and sits in the palm like a natural extension of the hand. Even the finishing on the case is better, it doesn't have the scratching problem the original IPV Mini had. A great detail that also needs mentioning is the fact that the buttons are color coded to match the color of the device. What that means is, the stainless version has silver buttons, the black one has black buttons. The buttons also feel like they have been upgraded too; you get a very satisfactory click and an instant response every time you click a button. The OLED display is a crystal clear screen showing wattage, voltage, battery power, and resistance readings. The battery slot cap and the USB charging port is located at the bottom of the unit. One of the best features of the IPV Mini 2 is that you can charge the device without removing the 18650 battery if you wish! The IPV Mini 2 is also equipped with passthrough technology that allows you to vape with it while it's being charged - more options, more greatness!

The package contains:

1 × 70W IPV Mini 2 Box Mod (Black)

1 × USB Charger Cable

Product Videos:

Product Extra Info:

→ If you want to get the very best out of the IPV Mini 2, you should seriously consider investing into a Kanger Subtank Mini.

→ You will also need an 18650 inner battery. Please click here for the LG HE4 high drain battery. If you also need an external charger for 18650 batteries, please click here.

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Iveta Kubásková
I hav found the IPV mini 2 being a solid mod. I can use my Kayfun or RDAs and there are no problems. I suggest using 30 Amp batteries with this mod because it s needed for max performance.
Thomas M. Shieldson
Delivery was super fast considering you guys are in Greece. To me electronic cigarettes aren't just about quitting smoking or chasing clouds. Lot of vapers have forgetten that there was a time when you could get vapemail cheap. That is unfortunately gone now, so it's important to shop around for the best price. hat's why I bought from you to be honest. You have genuine items at cheap prices. Thanks.