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KIT - Pioneer4You IPV Mini Sub Ohm 30W ( Gold )
KIT - Pioneer4You IPV Mini Sub Ohm 30W ( Gold )
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€ 52.95

KIT - Pioneer4You IPV Mini Sub Ohm 30W ( Gold )

The IPV Mini box mod by Pioneer4You is one the most appreciated electronic cigarettes in its category with variable voltage and wattage that has a very impressive maximum output of 30W. The Yihi SX130 chipset in the IPV Mini means regulated output all the way up to 30W; it doesn't matter how much battery life remains, the wattage output is always stable and stays the same. And that is absolutely critical for a box mod. The IPV Mini is loaded with features and technology that make it a very high quality box mod that is safe, easy to use and beautiful to look at - not to mention an excellent vaping performance!

Features & Specs

Capacity: Uses one 18650 battery
Voltage Output: 3V - 8V
Wattage Range: 5W - 30W
Supported Resistance: 0.5Ω - 3Ω
Dimensions: 94mm x 43mm x 23mm
Threading: Spring-loaded 510

Working in the variable wattage mode, the IPV Mini automatically adjusts voltage output. This means you don't have to manually change the voltage level; very convenient and useful! Considering the size of the IPV Mini, the 30W maximum power output is quite shocking too. You will be able to get top performance out of your clearomizers at all times. Another great feature is, of course, the low sub ohm level. The IPV Mini fires all the way down to 0.5Ω for one of the best sub ohm vaping experiences you can get in the 30W box mod category. The system boots up very quickly, the menu navigation system is easy to use, and you can store 5 presets for your preferred wattages. Overall, every aspect of the IPV Mini is thought out and implemented perfectly!

Protection & Safety

• Low voltage protection
• Low resistance protection
• Overheating monitoring
• High input voltage warning
• Short circuit (output) protection
• Reverse battery protection
• Heat dissipation holes

The spring-loaded 510 connector means you can use any clearomizer with the IPV Mini and it will fit flush without needing to adjust manually. There is no overhang when used with clearomizers that have a maximum diameter of 23mm. The whole device is solidly built and sits in the palm like a natural extension of the hand. The buttons are top quality as well; you get a very satisfactory click and an instant response every time you click a button. The OLED display is a crystal clear screen showing wattage, voltage, battery power, and resistance readings. The battery slot cap and the USB charging port is located at the bottom of the unit. One of the best features of the IPV Mini is that you can charge the device without removing the 18650 battery if you wish! The IPV Mini also acts as a mobile power supply that allows you to charge your smartphone using an adapter.

Price, performance and safety - the IPV Mini has all the makings of greatness!

The package contains:

1 × 30W IPV Mini Box Mod (Gold)

1 × USB Charger Cable

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Product Extra Info:

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