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Vape God vs. Vape Sod

Austin Lawrence: this guy makes the electronic cigarette weep, period. Apparently he is so good, the rapper Drake flew him out to his crib for a show! Rare is the vaper who hasn't tried vaping tricks with his/her electronic cigarette. If you like vape tricks, get ready to have your mind blown.

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A Glory being Stifled! A brilliant new e-cigarette video

Do you own an electronic cigarette? Interested in learning about vaping and e-cigarettes in general? This video spells out everything about electronic cigarettes in under three minutes - a must see.

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Safety of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarette safety

As the Tobacco Products Directive continues to create shockwaves in the electronic cigarette industry, we always find ourselves coming back to the main issue about electronic cigarettes and the TPD: safety.

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New Zealand government: Electronic cigarettes will be legalized

E-cigarettes to be legal

New Zealand Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner said of electronic cigarettes:

[Electronic cigarettes] are about 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

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Official EU vape tax consultation result: 90% say no tax

No sin tax on electronic cigarettes and e liquids

The EU Commission recently released the results of their three month public consultation geared towards updating EU regulations on minimum excise tax levels in the wake of the revised Tobacco Products Directive (TPD); the electronic cigarette and eliquid taxation question generated over 7500 responses. A precise 89.88% said no, electronic cigarettes and e liquids should not carry an excise tax.

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New Zealand doctor nails the electronic cigarette question

While we are more focused on Europe and the US, it always it great to hear other industrialized nations voice pro-electronic cigarette opinions. Take John Cameron for example; he is a doctor in New Zealand and perfectly outlines what the electronic cigarette is in typically efficient and amusing Kiwi style.

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It's not nicotine that's harmful, it's tar and carbon monoxide

Nicotine is not harmful

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar or carbon monoxide, normal cigarettes do and these are the main causes or cancer.

What people don't understand, or sometimes forget, is the fact that cancer is caused by the tar and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes do not involve tar or carbon monoxide.

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Big Tobacco Continues Moving Into Electronic Cigarettes

Big tobacco moving deeper into electronic cigarettes

Marlboro and Camel were totally ignorant of electronic cigarettes in the early days, was even charged with spreading lies about electronic cigarettes until it was able to catch up. Everyone still laughs at corporate versions of electronic cigarettes, it is a typical example of the company not being anywhere near the culture of the consumer.

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Nature Science Journal on Electronic Cigarettes

Nature Science Journal on Electronic Cigarettes

Nature is one of the world's most cited scientific journals, if not the most cited - definitely one of the most respected. They have been in science since around mid-to-late 19th century.

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New research by academic and medical giants: Long term e-cigarette use is far safer than smoking

New electronic cigarette research 2017

In a classic case of I told you so, PhD's from University College London and King's College, London, United Kingdom; Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York; and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia have concluded through new research that e-cigarettes are much safer than normal cigarettes in the long run. The research was funded primarily through Cancer Research UK and filed with Annals of Internal Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal.

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Apple has patented a vaporizer

The US Patent & Trademark Office officially granted Apple a vaporizer patent on 26 January 2017. The patent was filed by Apple employee Tetsuya Ishikawa and proposes vaporization through a heated plate.

Apple is granted a vaporizer patent

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Electronic Cigarette Advocacy: Calling Celebrity Vapers

Famous people who vape, any celebrity who owns an electronic cigarette should start advocating for the cause - as should you. Please do your part and spread this video as much as possible.

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Reminder: Why electronic cigarettes are the best way to quit smoking

Vaping is a great tobacco alternative

Electronic cigarettes are a very successful alternative to smoking because vaping--the act of using an electronic cigarette--is extremely similar to smoking real cigarettes. It is no surprise there are millions of people worldwide who quit smoking with electronic cigarettes. Not only do e-cigarettes help you quit smoking, they help you quit for good.

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The global vaping market is growing every year

From $6bn in 2015 to around $32b in 2021 and $50b in 2025 - the electronic cigarette is gaining by leaps and bounds.

The massive increase of vaping has kept on boosting electronic cigarette sales from day one - so much for Big Tobacco and Big Pharma spewing out propaganda, people have seen ecigs are a worthy way to quit smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are rising in popularity

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Everything points to how good electronic cigarettes are in quitting smoking

Quit smoking with electronic cigarettes

As is the norm, respectable public bodies and newspapers periodically come out with how

electronic cigarettes are the best way to quit smoking.

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TPD Time

TPD: Tobacco Products Directive for electronic cigarettes

For those that haven't heard of the TPD, it's not the toilet paper directive, instead, it is the Tobacco Products Directive that directs people to die easier by making life harder for the electronic cigarette industry and vapers.

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Vaping is a gateway to quitting

There are many reports on electronic cigarettes and vaping so it becomes important to know what to read, as well as what to vape. Google indexed an article two days about how vaping is a gateway to quitting.

Vaping helps you quit smoking

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The Recent Proliferation of Low Nicotine E-Liquids

Something to remember if you are new to the whole electronic cigarette concept:

E liquids now have low nicotine

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Vaping Helps Maintain Your Weight & Health

Electronic cigarette -aka vaping-helps with weight loss

An oft overlooked aspect of electronic cigarettes is actually a very important one. For those trying to quit smoking, there is a real risk of gaining a lot of weight. For those that already vape, electronic cigarettes help immensely by providing a tasty alternative to actually eating desserts, or just generally consuming fattening foods and drinks. For the relatively uninitiated, electronic cigarette liquids come in a mindblowing range that includes cactus fruit, smores, hand rolling tobacco, cereals and countless other flavors that lets you indulge to the maximum without having to worry about putting on weight.

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God Says Vaping Less Harmful Than Smoking

Electronic cigarette laws

There are those out there that would repudiate even the word of God if it did not suit their agenda of demonizing electronic cigarettes. As vapers and the electronic cigarette industry are attacked from all points, nothing anyone does or says is having too much effect. Experts come out with unbiased electronic cigarette research that finds in favor of vaping, legislators choose to ignore it. Scientists put forth considered opinions that somehow appear to be supportive of electronic cigarettes, they are not even given the time of day. Then you have your charlatans that, for instance, take the number 3, twist it around and show it as an 8 - and the fragrant works(!) of these rectal orifices are hailed as scientific greatness and used to dis and misinform the unsuspecting public. Makes us want to puke every time we see such self-serving drivel spouted by Big Tobacco & Pharma mouthpieces!

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The Washington Post: Why the FDA’s new e-cigarette regulations are a gift to Big Tobacco (and could actually harm public health)

Electronic cigarette TPD FDA

The electronic cigarette is, and always has been, under attack from day one. And from day one, electronic cigarette enthusiasts and regular people with a smidgen of logic immediately saw through the slick and sly maneuverings of Big Tobacco. But, wheels turn slow on Capitol Hill. Be that as it may, there is progress. A few months ago the prestigious Washington Post published a story on e-cigarettes that basically--finally--brought forth the idea that Big Tobacco could be harming public health with unscrupulous lobbying, and, dare we say it, bribery. Their aim? To take over the electronic cigarette market by reducing competition as much as they can.

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The British Medical Journal Report on Electronic Cigarettes

enter image description here

Among the various propaganda techniques of Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and the FDA is to blurt out electronic cigarettes do not help in the quit smoking period. It's always the same, they wantonly skew electronic cigarette research results to support their lies. Well, no more of that - at least for the time being. Because, as always, whenever the big cats throw a pile of lies online, they are hit back with real and credible science.

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A Billion Lives: The Definitive Vaping Movie

Director Aaron Biebert has slammed corrupt politicians and decision-makers in a documentary based on the fact that a billion people will die this century due to smoking. A Billion Lives focuses on the gargantuan opposition e-cigarettes have been facing ever since they came out. As you probably guessed, it all comes down to money. Crooks and frauds entrenched in government offices are, and have been, consistently lying and obfuscating the facts about electronic cigarettes and vaping in general for the grand old purpose of lining their pockets.

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For New Vapers: Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

enter image description here

We periodically blog with the vaping newbie in mind, because as interest in electronic cigarettes grow, more and more people search for current and relevant information on what an electronic cigarette is, what vaping is all about and how to avoid common pitfalls. Obviously, switching to electronic cigarettes is a no-brainer for any smoker, but the massive range of complicated ecigs on the market, plus the truly mind-boggling array of technical jargon can easily be, and frequently is, confusing, frustrating and intimidating for new vapers. As a result, many smokers are put off vaping, and that is a tragedy.

As unfortunate as it is, there are countless smokers who try to make the transition to e-cigs, only to revert back to smoking because of simple mistakes and a general lack of information. In this article, we will go over the five most common mistakes new vapers make. Hopefully, if you are planning to switch to electronic cigarettes and come across this article, you will have a much better chance to quit smoking. So, one by one, here are the major mistakes you want to avoid if you want to successfully stop smoking and enter the world of vaping:

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Electronic cigarettes now being openly classified as drugs

Yes, you read right, electronic cigarettes are now being openly classified as drugs by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

NIH calls electronic cigarettes drugs

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Voting With Your Lungs: The Growth of Ecigs

Yesterday Reuters reported massive increases in the amount of vapers, giving 2-year examples from France and Britain. In France between 2012-2014, the amount of people that tried ecigarettes at least once rose 200% from 7.3% to 21.3%. In Britain in the same period, the rise was also quite impressive: around 65% increase from 8.9% to 15.5%.

enter image description here

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Translating the FDA Ruling: We Love Big Tobacco & You Should Die

enter image description here

Vapers, polish your e-cigs and get ready to war! On Thursday May 5, the FDA brought the federal banhammer down on electronic cigarettes. This will obviously have wide ranging repercussions not only in the United States, but the whole world. The short version: More than 99% of e-cigarette and e-liquid producers are expected to exit the market, because the FDA decision means you have to spend around 1 million dollars per e-liquid for testing and approval. The good news doesn't end there, either. If you have 5 nicotine levels for an eliquid, you would need to spend 5 million dollars to get them approved. Love the way our tax dollars are working for us!

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Regulation, quality and professionalism matters

enter image description here

This image is real, it has been going around in vaping circles for a while, reported in Google as the manufacturing area of an eliquid brand. After looking at it, it's difficult to write but this is why regulation, quality and professionalism matter in not just eliquids, but electronic cigarettes and other hardware. Such images are an invitation to disaster, but it also endangers the vaping movement by giving legislators ammunition. We vapers need to be diligent and make informed decisions when buying e-liquid.

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Real Benefits of Parallel Circuits & Juice Flow Control

If you are like us, you like to keep current about developments in the electronic cigarette industry. Today, we are going to look at two ecig features with real-world benefits: parallel circuitry and juice flow control.

enter image description here

Electronic cigarettes with parallel circuits like the Eleaf iStick 100W TC can work with a single 18650 battery where normally it takes two 18650 batteries. Think about it. You have a box mod that takes two 18650 batteries but only have one charged 18650 at your disposal. What happens? Simple; you can't vape. Ecigarettes with parallel circuits are the solution to this vaping nightmare. As in the case of the Eleaf iStick 100W TC, even though it normally takes two batteries, it can be used with just one. This is the true meaning of the word 'innovation'; the way we see it, all box mods will have parallel circuits in the future.

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Why TC Is Important & Another TC: Taste Control

When temperature controlled *(TC)* electronic cigarettes first came out, there were, naturally, a lot of things left to be desired. But, as it happened when air flow control mechanisms first sprouted, it all got better very fast. Today TC vaping is a fully customizable experience. Since you can choose how hot your coils can get, this eliminates dry hits for ever. Plus it's much safer. Both are massive benefits of TC vaping that make everything better for the vaper.

Ijoy Asolo the temp controlled TC electronic cigarette box mod with taste control!

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Lucky Vaper: A Giveaway Every Day!

VapeTrade has been community-minded since day one; we entered the electronic cigarette world not just to make money but to also affect positive change. The name we give it is Lucky Vaper, our dedicated giveaway site where we gift electronic cigarette products every calendar day. Our motivation is to share and give back to the vaping community. By doing so, not only do we put a smile on your face, we also help raise awareness about electronic cigarettes and vaping in general. You can think of Lucky Vaper as Santa Claus with a twist - this Santa comes every day of the year with gifts galore!

Electronic cigarette giveaways every day


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Buddy System: How Vapers Can Help Smokers Quit

We rarely, if ever, give direct links to published articles but this one deserves it - way to go Forbes! It's about how vapers can help smokers get off cancer sticks with some great links to electronic cigarette research and objective information about vaping in general. The article is huge, three pages long to be exact, but definitely worth it. Please click here to read the article.

How vapers can help smokers quit

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Vaper's Tongue: Why It Happens & Getting Rid Of It

One gripe the electronic cigarette community has always had is "vaper's tongue". If you're new to electronic cigarettes and don't know what vaper's tongue is, not to worry - you'll find out soon enough. It happens just like that; you realize there is something wrong when that velvety vanilla bourbon flavor you’ve been enjoying for weeks is now a distant memory. All you get now is a lungful of velvety...air?! And that's when the questions start coming up. “What's going on? Has my eliquid gone off? Did that last vaping site I bought from pass me a weak batch? Am I vaping pure nicotine base?" There's no need to worry! Your ecig still works right, and the juice is still good. You're only going through what electronic cigarette enthusiasts call “vaper’s tongue”. So, what exactly is it?

How to fix vaper's tongue for electronic cigarette smokers

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Public Health England: Electronic Cigarettes 95% Less Harmful Than Analogs

For years we've been saying electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and policymakers are finally coming around to face the facts. In a ground breaking report released recently, Public Health England has come out with the inevitable: e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than normal cigarettes.

Ecig research determines electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than normal cigarettes

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Vaping Calculators

As electronic cigarette technology grows in thought and practice, we find ourselves in need of information on how best to combine various parts of e-cigarettes and liquids. To this end, using vaping calculators has become standard operating procedure for many vapers. And that's a great thing, because vaping calculators keep you safe and empower you to make awesome ejuice. If you're looking for a top notch vaping calculator site, we strongly suggest Steam Engine - they are a comprehensive one-stop site where you can calculate everything from coil wraps to eliquid.

Electronic cigarette and ejuice calculator

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Beat the Eats: Vaping Can Help Your Waistline

It's interesting; e-cigarettes are used by many people for a multitude of reasons but did you know there are vapers that use ecigs to keep slim? At the end of the day, it comes down to taste. Instead of eating, some people prefer vaping to get the taste the want. It's brilliant, really!

Smoking an electronic cigarette can help you stay fit.

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Daylight Robbery: $18 for 30ml

We just wanted to get this off our collective chest and hopefully help vapers save some money.

How is it possible there are companies out there selling 30ml juice for $18? We understand the notion of supply and demand, but we really don't see vapers demanding to be ripped off. Honestly, $18? For what? No matter how you cut it, you simply cannot justify these outrageous prices.

E-cigarette vape juice, aka e-liquid, should not so expensive

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The CDC: Guilty of Ecig Scaremongering

It's common knowledge in the electronic cigarette world that public and private anti-smoking zealots have been trying to justify their illogical positions on electronic cigarettes from different standpoints, including the teenager angle using the classic gateway argument. "Vaping leads to smoking", "vaping is smoking", and countless other cheap slogans have been used to keep ecigarettes down but it's not happening. As a matter of fact, the opposite is happening. Teenage vaping and smoking statistics are moving in opposite directions but the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is not mentioning that, instead choosing only to focus on rising vaping levels amongst teenagers. Instead of admitting they were wrong to claim electronic cigarettes are a gateway product to smoking, the CDC and their ilk have brazenly continued on the same path, defying any and all scientific research.

Electronic cigarettes are not a gateway product.

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Stealth Vaping Logic & How To's

If you've ever been criticized for vaping, you know what it feels like. As grown adults, it's pretty hard to take the righteous chastising coming from a mostly ignorant public. Aside from that, there are times when you just don’t want to go through explaining electronic cigarettes for the millionth time.

The answer is stealth vaping. The ninja vape.

Stealth vape for ninja vaping

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Electronic Cigarette Jobs - Careers in the Vaping Industry

As an electronic cigarette user, you have a definite advantage when it comes to being employed in the vaping industry. You know the products, you use them and love the concept. These are great pre-qualifiers to embark on a wonderful journey in a brand new career. Also, keep in mind that as the ecigarette market grows, so do ecig companies. All of this basically means one thing: Increased opportunities for you as a vaper to find your dream job!

Electronic cigarette job

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What are electronic cigarettes and eliquids?

  • Electronic Cigarette: An electronic cigarette is a cigarette-shaped device containing a (non)nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled. Electronic cigarettes are used to simulate the experience of smoking tobacco.

  • eLiquid: The counterpart of an electronic cigarette is called "e-liquid". This is the fluid that is used in electronic cigarettes to create a smoke-like vapour. Propylene glycol and/or glycerine is what gives vapour a full body like tobacco smoke. Flavourings are also usually included. Nicotine is added in different strengths from zero (no nicotine) to 18mg (high) per 1ml.

What are electronic cigarettes

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Vaping Drama Hardcore - Twisted420 vs. Rip Trippers

Is there anyone that hasn't watched at least a few vape reviews by Twisted420 and Rip Trippers? No, right? Well, the electronic cigarette industry lost its innocence a while back, and this video is definitely taking it to a whole new level!

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Formaldehyde, etc. is irrelevant in terms of free will

Why? Because the ugly and sidetracking debate on vaping is a re-hash of the age old pro-choice movement. Obviously vaping isn't about pregnancy/abortion, but the underlying notion in the phrase 'pro-choice' is fully applicable to vaping - it is my body, and I will do with it what I see fit. It is my choice whether to vape or not, to the point where my liberties do not trespass on the liberties of others.

Vaping electronic cigarettes in my right

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Can vaping set off smoke detectors?

The answer isn't as simple as what linear logic dictates - "vapor is not smoke, therefore it can't". On the contrary, vaping can set off smoke detectors. For an electronic cigarette to set off a smoke detector, there are certain variables that come into play, such as the type of smoke detector and proximity to the smoke detector. The two most common smoke detectors are based on photoelectric and ionization principles. Photoelectric smoke detectors use unbroken beams of light that, when interrupted, cause the shrill shrieking we all know. Ionization based detectors are different in the sense they are built to detect particle density in the air.

Ecigs can activate smoke detectors

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Charging from a USB port can infect your computer

The web is on fire ever since a story emerged on Reddit talking about a completely new form of malware that was integrated with a USB charger made by an unknown electronic cigarette manufacturer in China.

USB charger for electronic cigarette infected with malware

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Oxford Dictionaries choose "vape" as the word of the year for 2014

What a way to wrap up a great year - the word vape has been chosen by Oxford Dictionaries to be the word of the year for 2014! It was added into oxforddictionaries.com in August and is now being considered for inclusion in the supremely prestigious Oxford English Dictionary.

"Vape" has been chosen as the word of the year for 2014

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Variable Wattage - what exactly is it good for?

For the last couple of years, variable voltage has been all the craze when it comes to electronic cigarette batteries but for some inexplicable reason, variable wattage has remained in the background. Perhaps that's because the operational principle behind variable wattage comes across as complicated, perhaps variable wattage is geared more towards power vapers that use more than one atomizer...whatever the reason, it warrants a closer look.

Variable wattage (VW) electronic cigarette batteries are as good as variable voltage (VV) batteries

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Same quality, lower prices

Not only do prices need to be cheap, shipping should also be free - at VapeTrade we have both.

Cheap vaping supplies; cheap electronic cigarettes and e-liquids

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The Origins of Vaping

The officially documented history of electronic cigarettes date back to 1963. While it is generally assumed that electronic cigarettes were first conceived of in China, this is not true. The electronic cigarette first appeared in the United States; the first electronic cigarette patent was also granted in the US. The first person to design what could be called an electronic cigarette prototype was Herbert A. Gilbert. Patented in 1963, the name of Gilbert’s design was “A Smokeless Non-Tobacco Cigarette”. Gilbert’s tobacco and smoke-free electronic cigarette device wasn't built around cigarette paper and tobacco. Instead, he based his e-cigarette on warm, moist, and aromatic vapors. He was able to make logical deductions and realized that for a smoking cessation method to work on nicotine addicts, that method must include nicotine. The electronic cigarette visualized by Gilbert operated on a premise whereby a liquid containing nicotine was atomized, and thus inhaled.

A brief history of electronic cigarettes and vaping

As part of the widespread and erroneous presumption that the electronic cigarette was invented in China, Hon Lik, a Chinese chemist, is widely credited for inventing the electronic cigarette. While Hon Lik might not be the inventor of electronic cigarettes, every method and technology behind today’s modern electronic cigarette can be attributed to him. All contemporary electronic cigarette models owe to Hon Lik’s inventions. Like the new millennium, he got his start during the early 00’s and put forth milestones that we use as benchmarks today. Take atomization for instance. Atomization refers to the transformation of electronic cigarette liquid to vapor (coincidentally, this is where the name for one of the primary parts of an electronic cigarette comes from – the “atomizer”). Hon Lik added nicotine to propylene glycol and applied pressure to channel it through an ultrasound piezoelectric separator. In this way, he was able to vaporize electronic cigarette liquids. It’s nearly 2014 and atomization technology is still based upon this principle. It wouldn’t be proper not to mention another incredible invention Hon Lik came up with when talking about electronic cigarettes. Hon Lik didn’t just invent the wheel with his atomization work, he also revolutionized cartridges and mouthpieces. He pioneered plastic cartridges and proved that a cartridge could simultaneously act as a mouthpiece for e-cigarettes.

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Vaping 101: Two critical aspects of vaping that help you quit smoking

Not everyone is a pro when it comes to vaping - as a matter of fact, there are countless people that don't know about electronic cigarettes at all. I remember when I first starting vaping and I didn't know anything about it. I didn't know how it worked, didn't know I needed liquid, didn't know how effective it could be...I basically had no idea about what an electronic cigarette was or how it worked or how it could help me stop smoking. Tragic indeed, but there are many soon to be ex-smokers out there in the same shoes, and while it's true there is much more information out there compared to five years ago, the web is a maze of information that is extremely difficult to navigate for someone who knows next to nothing about ecigarettes. Not to mention a huge chunk of online information is actually misinformation.

2 key functions of an electronic cigarette that help you quit smoking

If you know nothing about vaping, know this: It offers real relief from two major problems;

Nicotine cravings. To vape, you need e-liquid. This is atomized into that vapor you inhale. Liquids come with all sorts of nicotine levels. Some liquids have higher nicotine in them compared to others, and some liquids don't have any nicotine at all. When you vape with liquid that has nicotine, you effectively reduce nicotine cravings to zero. Imagine quitting cold turkey. Then imagine the cravings hitting you hard. With an electronic cigarette, you are able to get your nicotine fix. Not only are you able to get it, you can get it whenever you want. That's also very important because no matter when and where the cravings hit, you are covered and can take care of it without going back to cigarettes.

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Adapting to the changing vapescape

Ecigarettes cause controversy not only on legislative levels but also between two specific types of vapers that exist. The first group is mainly about getting a nicotine fix and basically doesn't care too much, if at all, about mods or e liquids with names a mile long. Like we said, these vapers are in for quitting smoking and pretty much nothing else. On the other hand we have the vaping aficionados who view electronic cigarettes not only as a quit smoking method but also as a bona fide hobby. For these vapers the more complex the mod, the better, the more words and abbreviations in a name, the better.

Electronic cigarette perceptions and changes

We are not judging, just pointing out one of the main differentiators between vapers. Obviously there are many many more divisions amongst ecig users but this particular divide is becoming ever more important for vaping companies with results that affect vapers. Should a vaping company restructure its organigram and split operations into separate departments such as "Pure Quit Smoking Clients", "Eliquids & Concentrates", "Mods", etc.? It is argued the effect on both the company and its customers would be beneficial because the company would be able to gather better quality actionable data and the customer would get specialized service according to his/her vaping preference.

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16 Studies on Ecigarette Safety

Electronic cigarettes and vaping in general are becoming more popular with each passing day with some smokers who want to quit smoking for good and others that don't like normal cigarettes but want to keep on puffing on something that's close to a cigarette. If truth be told, many electronic cigarette enthusiasts dive headfirst into new vaping products but there are also those that wait for research showing how safe these new products are. The problem is, being able to find all vaping safety related research in one place is difficult so we put together a comprehensive list for you. Hope you find it useful.

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FDA buries own research that says electronic cigarettes are safer than tobacco?

The electronic cigarette conspiracy continues - it is being whispered that the US Food and Drug Administration is covering up ecigarette research that shows electronic cigarette usage results in improved lung function. If true, it is yet more proof that vaping and e-cigarettes in general are being unjustly discriminated against.

FDA covers electronic cigarette (ecigarette) research that shows vaping is healthier than smoking

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Electronic cigarettes deliver more than just nicotine

Lots of people think an electronic cigarette is just good for a nicotine fix - that's not the whole truth. I wanted to point this fact out because there are many vaping newbies out there that need to know the full extent of the benefits of e cigarettes and vaping in general.

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We support vaper rights, do you?

A great day today! And you can make it even better by singing up with the European Free Vaping Initiative (EFVI) and help keep your electronic cigarette legal. I shared this on our Facebook page and wanted to blog about it too because ecigs and the whole vaping notion is under serious legal attack all across Europe.

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Gift Arena - we reward customer loyalty with free gifts!

Another great day, another great development - we are proud to announce that the VapeTrade rewards program has officially begun! We wouldn't have been here without your support so we wanted to give something back. The Gift Arena is a way for us to say thank you to our customers. After all, customer loyalty is something that needs to be rewarded - and rewarded handsomely!

gift arena

The Gift Arena has various hand-picked items that we feel will be very appreciated by our customers. The best thing about it is that there is no complicated process - no forms to fill, no confusion, no hassle. All you need to do is order a certain amount of goods and go into the Gift Arena and choose your free gift(s). You can mix and match gifts as well; if your order qualifies for more than one gift, you can choose whichever gifts you want! We periodically update the Gift Arena with different products so remember to check back often to see the newest additions. There is something for everyone at the Gift Arena, make sure you take full advantage of it!

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€39.95 - Probably the lowest price you can currently find for Joyetech eRoll

Hello vapers, just a quick word about the Joyetech eRoll - as you know, it's the best small and slim electronic cigarette on the market today. That's not our opinion by the way, that's a fact attested to countless vapers vaping with the eRoll.

We are offering it for €39.95. Google says this price is the lowest eRoll price at the moment - this is a great opportunity if you ever wanted a small electronic cigarette kit, be sure you don't miss out.

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Our eVic Supremes are flying off the shelves at 109 Euros!

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by, hope everything is going the way you want it to - we just had to let APV enthusiasts know we have the Joyetech eVic Supreme in stock but they are selling so fast we've nearly depleted our first round of stock (priced at 109 Euros, that's not really shocking).

Joyetech eVic Supreme, aka eVic S MOD APV electronic cigarette battery

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VapeTrade - for vapers, by vapers

Hello vapers and welcome to VapeTrade, the one-stop vaping shop that caters to beginners and experienced vapers alike. We feature electronic cigarette starter kits, advanced personal vaporizers (APV's), e liquids, and various vaping supplies to help you switch and quit for good. Our constantly upgraded range includes some of the most popular electronic cigarettes and e juice, as well as high-end APV's from international vaping giants such as Kangertech, Vision, Aspire, and more.

Genuine Kanger Mow / Emow and Vision Spinner 2 (II) 1650mAh VV Battery

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