The web is on fire ever since a story emerged on Reddit talking about a completely new form of malware that was integrated with a USB charger made by an unknown electronic cigarette manufacturer in China.

USB charger for electronic cigarette infected with malware

An anonymous IT worker in a large company explained how a security breach happened when a company executive plugged in the USB charger to his computer and havoc ensued. It apparently took IT a while to figure out the exact source of the virus because the executive’s computer was completely up to date with active antivirus protection and security patches. The breach was only found after the executive told IT that he had recently started using electronic cigarettes. IT then then analyzed the USB charger and found it was hard-coded with malware that infected the computer once the charger was connected to the USB port.

The way we see it, the moral of the story is to buy from reputable companies. True, unknown/generic companies are somewhat cheaper in the short run, but you can end up paying MUCH more than you bargained for. We recommend you don't charge directly from your computer's USB port - even if you have antivirus and anti-malware software. Instead, charge your e-cig from the wall socket or through your car charger.

Better to be safe than sorry.