When temperature controlled *(TC)* electronic cigarettes first came out, there were, naturally, a lot of things left to be desired. But, as it happened when air flow control mechanisms first sprouted, it all got better very fast. Today TC vaping is a fully customizable experience. Since you can choose how hot your coils can get, this eliminates dry hits for ever. Plus it's much safer. Both are massive benefits of TC vaping that make everything better for the vaper.

Ijoy Asolo the temp controlled TC electronic cigarette box mod with taste control!

And now, there is another vaping feature that shortens to TC - taste control. It's quite the achievement and will revolutionize the industry if it provides real value to vapers. Initial reports are coming in mostly positive, and that is not too surprising. Think about it for a second: wouldn't it be nice to be able to have taste/flavor settings so you can adjust accordingly? This is a brilliant piece of innovation as far as we are concerned, and this is why we stock one the best double TC box mods out there - it's 200 watts too! Please click here to check out the Ijoy Asolo 200W Double TC (Temp & Taste Control) Box MOD.