Not everyone is a pro when it comes to vaping - as a matter of fact, there are countless people that don't know about electronic cigarettes at all. I remember when I first starting vaping and I didn't know anything about it. I didn't know how it worked, didn't know I needed liquid, didn't know how effective it could be...I basically had no idea about what an electronic cigarette was or how it worked or how it could help me stop smoking. Tragic indeed, but there are many soon to be ex-smokers out there in the same shoes, and while it's true there is much more information out there compared to five years ago, the web is a maze of information that is extremely difficult to navigate for someone who knows next to nothing about ecigarettes. Not to mention a huge chunk of online information is actually misinformation.

2 key functions of an electronic cigarette that help you quit smoking

If you know nothing about vaping, know this: It offers real relief from two major problems;

Nicotine cravings. To vape, you need e-liquid. This is atomized into that vapor you inhale. Liquids come with all sorts of nicotine levels. Some liquids have higher nicotine in them compared to others, and some liquids don't have any nicotine at all. When you vape with liquid that has nicotine, you effectively reduce nicotine cravings to zero. Imagine quitting cold turkey. Then imagine the cravings hitting you hard. With an electronic cigarette, you are able to get your nicotine fix. Not only are you able to get it, you can get it whenever you want. That's also very important because no matter when and where the cravings hit, you are covered and can take care of it without going back to cigarettes.

Holding a cigarette and periodically taking it to your lips. It's not just the cravings that an electronic cigarette provides relief for. The physical habit you form over years create such a strong habit that many smokers that want to quit cannot do it just for this reason alone. You are so used to holding a cigarette and taking it to your lips that you need to substitute something in it's place. And that something is an electronic cigarette.

These two facts are actually why vaping means more than just quitting. The brilliance of vaping lays in the fact that you quit smoking for good.