We just wanted to get this off our collective chest and hopefully help vapers save some money.

How is it possible there are companies out there selling 30ml juice for $18? We understand the notion of supply and demand, but we really don't see vapers demanding to be ripped off. Honestly, $18? For what? No matter how you cut it, you simply cannot justify these outrageous prices.

E-cigarette vape juice, aka e-liquid, should not so expensive

We sincerely believe vapers should be as vigilant in opposing such pricing schemes as they are in fighting against e-cigarette bans. It's easy to fight this too - just don't buy liquids at these exorbitant prices; simple as that.

The title says "daylight" robbery but they're robbing you blind day and night. Don't be a victim, check out our 30ml e-liquids at just €5.95 / $6.7 / £4.3.