Why? Because the ugly and sidetracking debate on vaping is a re-hash of the age old pro-choice movement. Obviously vaping isn't about pregnancy/abortion, but the underlying notion in the phrase 'pro-choice' is fully applicable to vaping - it is my body, and I will do with it what I see fit. It is my choice whether to vape or not, to the point where my liberties do not trespass on the liberties of others.

Vaping electronic cigarettes in my right

Yes, it's good and necessary to have unbiased research so we can make better informed decisions, that's a no-brainer. The point is that the crux of the matter does not lay in the information we have at our disposal to make the best decisions about vaping. Hell no! The killer issue is freedom, and being able to exercise said freedom without infringing on the rights of others.

Everything else is a triviality; legislative and regulatory decision-makers need to recognize that and act accordingly.