The electronic cigarette conspiracy continues - it is being whispered that the US Food and Drug Administration is covering up ecigarette research that shows electronic cigarette usage results in improved lung function. If true, it is yet more proof that vaping and e-cigarettes in general are being unjustly discriminated against.

FDA covers electronic cigarette (ecigarette) research that shows vaping is healthier than smoking

And it matters for Europe and the rest of the world because such senseless actions reach far and wide. Such scandals hurt vaper rights and millions of smokers that could become ex-smokers because the more responsible pro-vaping platforms always call for prudent and logical regulation. But the FDA, WHO, and many other national and international regulatory bodies consistently refuse to look at scientific facts. As they continue to stall the acceptance process of e-cigarettes, people are dying daily from cigarette related illnesses. Not only is this a scandal, it's a tragedy! If an e-cigarette is what it takes for me to stop smoking, why am I being denied my right to live?

Write to your congressperson, support EFVI, but something because vapers are actively being denied all three of their inalienable rights - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No life, because smokers are dying daily while the FDA, WHO, and similar organizations are blocking the road to progress. No liberty, because vapers are not free to vape as they want. And no pursuit of happiness, because we can't legally go after what makes us happy.

This has got to stop.