Electronic cigarettes and vaping in general are becoming more popular with each passing day with some smokers who want to quit smoking for good and others that don't like normal cigarettes but want to keep on puffing on something that's close to a cigarette. If truth be told, many electronic cigarette enthusiasts dive headfirst into new vaping products but there are also those that wait for research showing how safe these new products are. The problem is, being able to find all vaping safety related research in one place is difficult so we put together a comprehensive list for you. Hope you find it useful.

Faulty Science in the Tobacco Products Directive: A letter was sent by the scientists whose research was used by the European Commission to legislate on electronic cigarettes. The letter shows in detail how the research was taken out of proportion and used in a biased way.

Electronic Cigarettes Don't Harden Arteries: Scientists from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center (Greece) have determined that smoking 2 normal cigarettes resulted in serious hardening of the aorta while no measurable effect was seen after using electronic cigarettes. The study was done on smokers AND vapers.

Cigarettes Kill, So Does Irresponsible Ecig Regulation: The executive director of the American Council on Science and Health, Gilbert Ross MD, says in this report that “simple common sense would dictate that inhaling the fewer, less harmful ingredients of e-cigarettes as compared to inhaling the thousands of chemicals in the smoke from burnt tobacco, many of which have been shown to be carcinogenic, is highly likely to be healthier.”

Studies on The Safety of E-Cigarettes: An extensive presentation by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos on the safety of electronic cigarettes that was delivered at The E-Cigarette Summit in London.

Nicotine Safety in Terms of Ecigarette Usage: Dr. Jacques Le Houezec says the fatal overdose point for nicotine may be much higher than the commonly accepted 50-60mg. His findings were presented at the The E-Cigarette Summit in London.

Electronic cigarette safety research about how safe vaping is

E-Juice Shown To Have Low Cytotoxicity: The tests on 20 different eliquids showed that most vapour samples had no negative effects on cardiac (heart) cells. The few that DID have adverse effects were negligible because their effects were 3 times less toxic when compared with tobacco cigarettes.

Choosing Nicotine Levels & Patterns of E-cigarette Usage: Another study from Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos revealing that levels of nicotine appear to have a crucial role in getting off cigarettes and staying off. His research included 111 participants who completely replaced smoking with ecigs for a minimum of 1 month.

Vaping: Coronary Circulation & Oxygen Supply: Recent research suggests that e-cig usage does not affect oxygenation of the heart. Results were disseminated at the European Society of Cardiology Annual Congress in Amsterdam.

E-liquids & Health Concerns: Professor Igor Burstyn of Drexel University School of Public Health confirms that in general, the chemicals in electronic cigarette liquids do not pose health concerns.

MHRA Electronic Cigarette Research: The United Kingdom Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) ran comprehensive research on e-cigarettes that eventually concluded there was little concern that ecigs can harm vapers in terms of delivering toxic levels of nicotine. The study also showed little evidence of non-smokers taking up ecigarettes.

Evaluation of Ecigarette & Eliquid Usage: This study is a direct challenge to an EU regulation proposal that would result in ejuice with more than 4 mg/ml's of nicotine not being allowed unless approved as medicine.

E-cigarettes Do Not Cause Damage To The Heart: Ecigarettes seem to have no acute negative effects on heart function according to research carried out by Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos. Based on currently available information, he says electronic cigarettes are safer and replacing analogs with e-cigarettes could have beneficial effects for health.

Guiding AAPHP Tobacco Policy: The American Association of Public Health Physicians is openly recommending e cigarettes as a safer and smokefree tobacco / nicotine product.

Athens University Electronic Cigarette Study Questioned: Dr. Michael Siegel raises questions regarding the research results of the University of Athens that claim electronic cigarettes can damage the lungs.

Ecig Regulation: A Case Of Less Is More: Presented by Clive Bates, the topic is the possible dangers of over-regulating electronic cigarettes. Mr Bates elaborates on the massive potential of electronic cigarettes and shapes his argument around the fact that the relatively minor risks should be put into proper perspective.

Vapers and Their Preferences: A total of 1,347 electronic cigarette users were contacted to see if commonly shared characteristics were apparent amongst ecigs users. The general outcome was that vapers found electronic cigarettes to be satisfactory devices. Most of the surveyed vapers said they only experienced a few, if any, side effects, considered ecigarettes healthier than normal cigarettes, and experienced improvements in breathing.