New electronic cigarette research 2017

In a classic case of I told you so, PhD's from University College London and King's College, London, United Kingdom; Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York; and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia have concluded through new research that e-cigarettes are much safer than normal cigarettes in the long run. The research was funded primarily through Cancer Research UK and filed with Annals of Internal Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal.

In their own words, the researchers have concluded that:

"Former smokers with long-term e-cigarette-only or NRT-only use may obtain roughly similar levels of nicotine compared with smokers of combustible cigarettes only, but results varied. Long-term NRT-only and e-cigarette-only use, but not dual use of NRTs or e-cigarettes with combustible cigarettes, is associated with substantially reduced levels of measured carcinogens and toxins relative to smoking only combustible cigarettes".

In English it means former smokers that made the switch to sole electronic cigarette or NRT use experienced significantly lower levels of toxins compared to those who continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes.