Director Aaron Biebert has slammed corrupt politicians and decision-makers in a documentary based on the fact that a billion people will die this century due to smoking. A Billion Lives focuses on the gargantuan opposition e-cigarettes have been facing ever since they came out. As you probably guessed, it all comes down to money. Crooks and frauds entrenched in government offices are, and have been, consistently lying and obfuscating the facts about electronic cigarettes and vaping in general for the grand old purpose of lining their pockets.

Love the way our tax dollars are put to work, don't you? We pay the salaries of these criminals so they can....what? Kill us? As the man once said, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark - or, in the state of vaping. All of us modern-day Hamlets know, and have known for long and frustrating years, that vaping is being demonized at every turn, only getting a brief respite when Big Tobacco & Big Pharma buy off regulators and lawmakers so they can grab as much market share as they can with their extremely pathetic vaping products and drug barons can keep selling medicine for smoking-related illnesses.

Watch it, get people to watch it and be a part of saving a billion lives - literally!