Ecigarettes cause controversy not only on legislative levels but also between two specific types of vapers that exist. The first group is mainly about getting a nicotine fix and basically doesn't care too much, if at all, about mods or e liquids with names a mile long. Like we said, these vapers are in for quitting smoking and pretty much nothing else. On the other hand we have the vaping aficionados who view electronic cigarettes not only as a quit smoking method but also as a bona fide hobby. For these vapers the more complex the mod, the better, the more words and abbreviations in a name, the better.

Electronic cigarette perceptions and changes

We are not judging, just pointing out one of the main differentiators between vapers. Obviously there are many many more divisions amongst ecig users but this particular divide is becoming ever more important for vaping companies with results that affect vapers. Should a vaping company restructure its organigram and split operations into separate departments such as "Pure Quit Smoking Clients", "Eliquids & Concentrates", "Mods", etc.? It is argued the effect on both the company and its customers would be beneficial because the company would be able to gather better quality actionable data and the customer would get specialized service according to his/her vaping preference.

Food for thought in view of recent news that the electronic cigarette industry has been heading towards consolidation throughout 2014. As weaker players exit the market, the remaining companies will have to keep improving. We know as long as every change a company makes has the customer at heart, that company will succeed.