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KIT - Janty Neo Classic (Double Kit - Silver)
KIT - Janty Neo Classic (Double Kit - Silver)
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€ 33.95

KIT - Janty Neo Classic (Double Kit - Silver)

The Neo Classic has refined and redefined long-entrenched ideas about vaping since being introduced to the global vaping community for the simple fact that it was the first electronic cigarette to offer such high overall quality at such a low price. It was previously thought impossible to combine such detailed engineering with extreme usability and exquisite looks but Janty changed all that. The Neo Classic is the embodiment of the finest vaping traditions that include legendary vapour performance, solid workmanship, dazzling looks and much more.

The Neo Classic incorporates an extremely efficient 2.2 ohm coil and 3.7V battery that result in royal amounts of the thickest, most delicious vapour you can imagine. The throat hit is simply superb, and vapour loses nearly no taste while e juice is being atomized. With unrivalled flavour transmission from ejuice to vapour, the Neo Classic is an impeccable electronic cigarette that delivers absolutely fabulous vapour performance. Vapour quality is undeniably important but the Neo Classic has much more to offer than just phenomenal vapour production. The large volume 2ml puromizer (mouthpiece + e-liquid chamber + atomiser) features two clear windows that prove just how good this e-shisha is designed. Normally you would dismantle your vape pen to refill but one of the windows on the Neo Classic has a cap that allows you to refill from the outside without having to disassemble anything. The clear windows serve another purpose as well; you can keep an eye on remaining e liquid levels so you never run out of juice. The benefits don't end there, the Neo Classic has more to offer with a game-changing innovation that serves two unique purposes - the airflow regulator ring. The beautiful gold-coloured ring allows you to choose how much air flows through the device, thus allowing you to personalize your ecigarette according to your preferred inhalation strength. Not only does the ring optimize the vape, it also adds considerable visual appeal to the device. Even charging is easy; all you have to do is screw the battery into the included charger and hook it up to a USB port. If you want more than just an average vape stick, you'd do well to pick the Neo Classic.

The package contains:

2 × 650mAh Neo Classic Battery

2 × Puromizer (mouthpiece + e-liquid chamber + atomiser) - 2ml / 2.2 ohms

1 × Airflow Regulator Ring

1 × USB Charger (no adapter necessary, charge from any USB port)

1 × USB-to-Wall Charger (EU Compatible 220V - UK and other countries will/might need an adapter)

1 × User Manual

Product Advantages:

Convenient puromizer technology

Features two clear windows to monitor e juice levels and perform refills - no need to dissamble to refill.

Adjustable airflow

Allows customization according to your inhalation strength; delivers perfect amounts of vapour every time.

Excellent flavour transmission

Transforms e-juice to vapour with no loss in flavour.

2ml liquid chamber

Ideally suited for those that don't want to constantly refill.

Stunning design

Beautifully designed, flawlessly executed - guaranteed to turn heads.

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Product Extra Info:

→ Electronic cigarettes need e-liquids to work; if you don't already have liquids, or would like to browse through our extensive range, please click here to view our exceptionally smooth tobacco blends or here for our delicious fruity and exotic blends.

→ It's always a good idea to stock up on consumable ecigarette parts such as puromizers. Please click here for Janty Neo Classic puromizers.


Michael G. Bloomhouse
The Neo Janty is the first electronic cigarette I bought and I am satisfied with the overall performance of it. It has worked and helped me cut to around 3-4 fags a day in just 2 weeks. I didn't think vaping would be this effective but that's not a complaint :-)
Jürgen H. Steinmann
Thank you for great customer service because I buy the JANTY starter kit Neo Classic and I am not smoking now. It is a big surprise because I smoke 16 years and now stop smoking. Ecigs are great!