As an electronic cigarette user, you have a definite advantage when it comes to being employed in the vaping industry. You know the products, you use them and love the concept. These are great pre-qualifiers to embark on a wonderful journey in a brand new career. Also, keep in mind that as the ecigarette market grows, so do ecig companies. All of this basically means one thing: Increased opportunities for you as a vaper to find your dream job!

Electronic cigarette job

The beauty of being employed in the electronic cigarette industry is that it's not all technical. While it's true some vaping jobs require somewhat more detailed knowledge of ecigs and ejuice, not all jobs are like that. You can easily find employment as a customer care person or directly as a sales professional. If you know about mixology, you can find work in eliquid labs. The world of vapor is in such an early state of existence that it's relatively easy to get in at the ground floor and grow your career alongside the industry. Speaking of vaping careers, there is quite a smattering of resources out there, but the one to really keep an eye one is at the E-Cigarette Forum. The jobs posted here are straight from the horses mouth, updated regularly, and offer some seriously good opportunities for vapers from all walks of life.

Considering the economy in the US and EU hasn't fully recovered from the last slump, and knowing how competitive job markets are in general, you would do well to think about working in the industry. Electronic cigarettes could once again change your life for the better!