It's interesting; e-cigarettes are used by many people for a multitude of reasons but did you know there are vapers that use ecigs to keep slim? At the end of the day, it comes down to taste. Instead of eating, some people prefer vaping to get the taste the want. It's brilliant, really!

Smoking an electronic cigarette can help you stay fit.

The taste factor involved with electronic cigarettes has become so developed in recent years that it literally feels like you're munching on a homemade apple pie when you vape apple pie liquid. The same applies for pretty much every type of food-based ejuice. Add to that much-improved and continually developing hardware and you get a gourmet vaping experience that tastes exactly like the real thing. Talk about awesome; instead of munching down huge calories in the form of whatever sinful delicacy you love, you just vape it down and not worry about getting fat stuck to your body!