As electronic cigarette technology grows in thought and practice, we find ourselves in need of information on how best to combine various parts of e-cigarettes and liquids. To this end, using vaping calculators has become standard operating procedure for many vapers. And that's a great thing, because vaping calculators keep you safe and empower you to make awesome ejuice. If you're looking for a top notch vaping calculator site, we strongly suggest Steam Engine - they are a comprehensive one-stop site where you can calculate everything from coil wraps to eliquid.

Electronic cigarette and ejuice calculator

Who Uses Vaping Calculators?

Vaping calculators are not only for experienced cloud chasers. They are especially useful for vapers starting to make the move from eGo type starter kits to possibly trying out a low-wattage sub ohm box mod, getting into simple RTA/RBA setups and mixology. While making the transition, there are always questions about Ohm's Law, nicotine base and numerous other issues. Vaping calculators are indispensable in this regard, they give exact information based on scientific facts and help you make your vape the very best it can be.

Moral of the story? Vaping calculators are your friend.