A great day today! And you can make it even better by singing up with the European Free Vaping Initiative (EFVI) and help keep your electronic cigarette legal. I shared this on our Facebook page and wanted to blog about it too because ecigs and the whole vaping notion is under serious legal attack all across Europe.

Get involved with EFVI if you aren't already because make no mistake - vapers are an oppressed people. We have legislators breathing down our necks because of trivialities, we have big tobacco and pharma goading them on to protect their be-all end-all profit margins. Say no to all that but to do so, you have to stand up and be counted. And to get counted, the EFVI is a good place to start.

Honestly, don't pass go, don't go anywhere after reading this - go directly to EFVI and join the fight. Please.

EFVI - European Free Vaping Initiative