Electronic cigarette -aka vaping-helps with weight loss

An oft overlooked aspect of electronic cigarettes is actually a very important one. For those trying to quit smoking, there is a real risk of gaining a lot of weight. For those that already vape, electronic cigarettes help immensely by providing a tasty alternative to actually eating desserts, or just generally consuming fattening foods and drinks. For the relatively uninitiated, electronic cigarette liquids come in a mindblowing range that includes cactus fruit, smores, hand rolling tobacco, cereals and countless other flavors that lets you indulge to the maximum without having to worry about putting on weight.

In today's world where obesity in an ever-increasing problem, electronic cigarettes offer a viable solution so vaping isn't just for quitting smoking, it is also for maintaining a healthy waistline and keeping the arteries open. Considering all the social ills e-cigarettes are good for, one would think vaping would be hailed as the best thing after sliced bread. But no, enter Big Tobacco & Pharma with their Small Brains & Vision and we have the current global conjuncture where people are forced to keep on smoking and get fatter.

Here is a great article recently indexed by Google. The Guardian write-up on how research suggests vaping could help prevent ex-smokers pile on the pounds is gospel for everyone on both sides of the electronic cigarette fence - just keep an open mind when reading and you will see the light, because logic is, or should be, undeniable.